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The "Hero" is the player character, which must be created before the intro of Remnant: From the Ashes. Any hero made can be customized to the player's liking, or can be randomized among the various options.

Options include:

  • Body type - You can choose the gender of the hero, between male and female.
  • Head - players can choose between 8 different head types and ethnicities.
  • Hair style - Players can choose from 9 different hair types for males, and 8 different hair types for females, of various length and style.
  • Facial hair - Male heroes can choose between 5 different options for facial hair, including clean-shaven.
  • Hair color - Players can choose from 9 different natural hair colors. These options include, black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, golden, red, red-brown, gray, and white.
  • Eye color - Players can choose from 6 different natural eye colors. These options include brown, amber, olive, green, gray, and blue.
  • Skin tones - Each head type chooses 8 different skin types, all similar to the default skin type chosen by the head type.
  • Scars - Players can choose from 9 different scar types, with a type being unharmed. The scars seem to be from various things, including animal scratches and sharp objects.
  • Voice - players can choose from 4 different voice types for each gender, differing in gruffness and pitch. The voices do not change from head type to head type.
  • Game Mode - Players can choose the game mode for the hero, either Standard or Hardcore. Standard is the recommended experience for first-time players, as you are able to respawn when killed. Hardcore does not allow you to respawn, permanently locking access to play as that hero from the menu. Beating various bosses on Hardcore mode will grant you account-wide items and emotes to use.
  • Skip Tutorial - Players can either choose whether to play or not play the tutorial. First-time players are recommended to play the tutorial. Choosing to skip the tutorial will prompt you to choose your archetype immediately, and spawns you in front of the red crystal in Ward 13.

If players choose to play the tutorial, they will be shown the Intro cutscene. Their character then will set sail into a new adventure on a small boat, while a narrator introduces the main theme of the game and the hero's role in it.

After the video introduction and the first steps in the game, the players can choose from the available Archetypes.